Moving Services

Event Services provides moving services for offices and departments and can move almost anything, including computers, medical equipment, furniture and books.

If you need help planning your move, see Planning a Move for more details.

Event Services can coordinate complicated moves, handling of large and sensitive instruments, moves to Surplus Sales and disposal through PSSI.

We Recommend You Consider...

  • Need for storage
  • Need for equipment
  • Excess report
  • BGM work order

Please include in your request as much detail as possible and Event Services will follow up with you to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Understanding our moving services

  • Trucks and Forklifts: We have a fleet of trucks of all sizes and forklifts for those big jobs.
  • Offices: We have boxes for sale and will even pack them for you. We have special equipment for moving desks and books.
  • Moving to Surplus Sales:
    Note: A BGM work order is NOT required, only a service request from Events Services is needed. Please follow the steps below (in the order they appear):
    1. Complete an Event Services Request: Select the Surplus Property checkbox in Step 4 of the Event Services request form and describe what will be moved in Step 5.
    2. Prepare an Excess Report: This must be completed by your local Department Property Administrator (Look up your DPA using the DPA Directory here).
    3. Your DPA will need to include the service request number generated in step 1.
    4. Once the Excess Request is approved (usually the same day as submitted), the move by Event Services will be scheduled per the service request.
    • Please note that Wednesdays are highly preferred for moves to Surplus, to ensure staffing availability for receiving goods.               
  • Disposal to PSSI:
    You must complete a PSSI Work Request, a BGM Work Request, and an Excess Request to dispose of items through PSSI. The only exception is equipment that contains freon, such as refrigerators, freezers and some incubators. If the disposal item contains freon, you only have to complete a PSSI Work Request using the BGM Work Request form.

    To schedule a disposal pick-up through Event Services follow these steps:

    1. Prepare a PSSI Work Request using the BGM Work Request form: Describe your item and provide the preferred date and times. Following Property Management Office instructions, direct PSSI to accept the scrap items from Event Services, as follows: "Event Services to pick-up and deliver to PSSI for Disposal".
    2. Complete an Event Services Request: Select the PSSI Disposal check box in Step 4 of the Event Services’ request form and describe what will be moved in the Step 5.
    3. Prepare an Excess Request: Have your departmental property administrator (Look up your DPA) identify the items for disposal. Reference the BGM Work Request Number and Event Services’ Request Number on your Excess Request.

    You must complete a PSSI Work Request and an Excess Request before the disposal pick-up can be scheduled by Event Services. Please allow up to five business days for processing.

NOTE: Moving and delivery rates are per-person, per-hour. That rate includes the equipment and trucks required to complete the job with the exception of forklifts which are charged by the hour.

Labor Rates
Event Crew rates are shown per-hour; you are billed in 1/4 hour increments.
  Base Premium Overnight
Event Crew Moving, Tables, Chairs, Umbrellas, Tarps 48.00 63.00 77.00
Forklift Rental

Forklift - Forklift rental is charged in 1/4 hour increments with a one hour minimum

* A licensed forklift operator is required and will be charged at the above labor rates