Policies and Procedures

Information, guidelines, policies and more to help you get the best for your event.

Timely and Last-Minute Requests and Changes

Timely requests (10 business days prior to the event) allow for advantages in planning, choice of equipment and services (whether from us or a third party), and are more cost effective. For large events, more lead time is recommended.

We will do everything possible to fill your last-minute requests. Requests made less than four business days prior to the time the service is needed may not always be met. If we have to bring on additional staff or supplement our equipment or labor with outside vendors, these may turn out to be more expensive than our normal services. The likelihood of this is higher for requests or changes made less than four business days before your event.

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While we understand that partial or full cancellations are a part of the nature of events, last-minute job cancellations can be costly. By contacting us early (more than 24 hours in advance), you may be able to avoid cancellation charges. Examples of such charges are preparatory work performed, commitments to vendors or contractual staffing minimums. Early notice may allow us to cancel or redirect some of these resources.

To cancel a job, you must use the Event Services Change Request form and indicate that you would like to cancel the job in Step 2.

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Tentative or Incomplete Requests

To deliver services we require a completed work request (Request Service). If your initial request was for an estimate, we require finalization or acceptance of that request. If your request is lacking payment, location, dates, times, or other critical information it may jeopardize receipt of service. It is your responsibility to complete the request form in its entirety.

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Forms of Payment

We accept Stanford Department account numbers (PTA), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash and checks. Student Orders must be confirmed and approved by the ASSU financial officer. Payment information must be included with your request for service to occur.

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Equipment Rentals Pick-up and Return (Will Call)

Instead of using our delivery services, you may choose to come to the Event Services office and pick-up the equipment yourself.

Pick-up: Will call is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We recommend you call first to be sure we are prepared for you and that questions regarding payment won't delay you.

Return: To avoid additional daily charges, return your rental before noon on the day it is due back.

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Lost or Damaged Equipment

You are responsible for the equipment you rent from Event Services. Please ensure the equipment is used properly and held securely.

You will incur a charge for the full replacement cost for equipment lost, damaged, or otherwise altered.

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We are happy to provide estimates for your event or any aspect thereof. With your help, we can complete most estimates within ten business days of your request. You must approve the provided estimate to convert it into a formal service request.

To inquire about an estimate, use the Event Service's request form and indicate that it is a request for an estimate in Step 5 of the form. Provide whatever information you can and whatever questions you may have. An Event Service's representative will contact you if they need any additional information or to explore options. The more specific your request and the more closely it matches your planned event, the closer our estimate will be to the actual charges.

Estimates include a 10% contingency fee as a cushion for any changes that can occur from the time the estimate is made and the event takes place.

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Sponsored Events

Sponsored groups may be billed directly but the Stanford University Sponsoring Department MUST provide the department's PTA. The sponsoring department is ultimately responsible for costs incurred by the sponsored group if that sponsored group defaults on payment.

Sponsors are fully responsible for all direct costs for services required at the event. Costs may include, but are not limited to, projectionists, sound and lighting technicians, equipment, custodial services, security, utilities, special communications utilities (such as additional phone lines), and administrative charges.

Sponsors are also fully responsible for any damages or extraordinary costs (including extraordinary clean-up) that occur as a result of the event and will be notified of such by the Stanford Events Services Office or the cognizant department of the facility used.

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Student Orders

Student organizations have at their disposal the full line of Event Service's equipment and services.

To use our services and equipment, student organizations must follow the procedures established by the ASSU (Associated Students of Stanford University).

Your first step with Event Services is to request a detailed estimate: Request Services. You must include a budget number so we can tailor our recommendations accordingly.

Once we have finally reached an estimate that meets your needs, your Financial Officer MUST approve the "final" estimate and return it to us.

We will then forward the approved estimate on to the ASSU for final funding approval. Once we receive notice of ASSU approval, we consider the request fully funded.

The ASSU and SAL (Student Activities and Leadership) will verify that:

  • Your organization is properly registered
  • Your Financial Officer is on the signature card
  • Your organization has sufficient funds in its ASSU account
  • You have properly reserved the location for your event with the appropriate campus office(s)
  • You have made appropriate arrangements for clean-up following your event

See the Student Activities and Leadership site for more information:

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