The Mausoleum and Angel of Grief

The Mausoleum and Angel of Grief are historic memorials located in the Stanford Arboretum, between Palm Drive and Quarry Road north of Campus Drive. The marble and granite mausoleum guarded by four marble sphinxes was built to entomb the remains of Leland and Jane Stanford and their son, Leland Junior. The Angel of Grief is north of the Mausoleum. This sculpture is a memorial to Jane Stanford's brother, Henry Clay Lathrop.

The arboretum surrounding the two memorials is a wonderful destination for tree and bird enthusiasts. There are a number of special trees transplanted to the arboretum from other sites on campus.

The Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) and the Paperbark Maples (Acer griseum) located in the mausoleum lawn were transplanted from Lomita Mall in 1996. Guadalupe Palms (Brahea edulis) on the north side of the mausoleum were transplanted the same year from the construction site of the Science and Engineering Quad.

The arboretum is home to a variety of birds including Sparrows, Brown Tohees, Juncos, California Thrashers and California Scrub Jays. For additional information on the birds of Stanford, please visit the birdsite website.

The Mausoleum, Angel of Grief and the arboretum are favorite destinations for visitors to the Stanford campus.