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Mail and Delivery Services

Mail and Delivery Service (MDS) provides pick-up and delivery services for interdepartmental mail (ID Mail) on the Stanford Campus. Morning delivery is provided at no charge to all departments. Daily afternoon services can be provided for a fee. If you have a mail or delivery need, perhaps we can be of service.

Contact Mail and Delivery Services

For General information and inquiries call 650-723-2261 or e-mail us at

We are located at:

340 Bonair Siding Rm. S-108
Stanford, Ca.

For a searchable campus map click here.

Hours of Operation

Service Hours:
Monday- Friday
7:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m.

Interdepartmental Mail

Interdepartmental (ID) Mail Services are provided primarily for the conveyance of messages concerning the University's official business among the various University departments and administrative units. All organizations with responsibility to the University, or to the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU), are entitled to use ID Mail. ID Mail may not be used to distribute commercial or partisan political advertising. 

For more detailed information, see the, in particular, the Services section 8.1.2, Mailing Services.

U.S. Postal Service on Campus

(MDS) does not provide services for United States Postal Service (USPS) mail. The USPS is responsible for the pick up and delivery of US mail on campus. Please contact USPS for more information.

Bulk Mail and Non Profit Permit 28

There are two ways to send bulk mail:

1.) via ID Mail: via ID mail 

2.) via USPS: via US Postal Service Mail (Non Profit Permit 28)

Mail Codes

For a complete list of campus ID mail codes; please visit our mailcodes page at:
(SHC mail codes are not included)

Mail Codes quick link: Mail Codes .

Quick Links

  • Stanford Health Care Mail Center (SHC, SOM, LPCH)
    Phone: 650-723-5130
    450 Broadway
    Redwood City, CA. 94063

Do you have a need?

Do you have a mail or delivery need? Perhaps we can help. Give us a call. Most of our services are free or provided at minimal cost. Did you know that we deliver to hundreds of departments on campus daily? We can deliver just about anything for you, and almost always free of charge. We serve the Stanford Campus with secure, professional and courteous service. Call us at: 723-2261, or e-mail to see how we can meet your mail or delivery need.



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Meet Our Staff

Carol Galvin


Carol has been on the Mail and Delivery Services team since 2001. Previously, Carol was part of the Mailing Services when they were located in the Press building on Santa Teresa next to the Old Firehouse. Due to her many years of experience, sincere work ethic, leadership skill and willingness to learn and grow, Carol was promoted to the role of Supervisor in 2013. Over the years Carol has participated in Stanford Managers Academy, Crucial Conversations Training and the Stanford Center for Ethics and Society Hope House Scholars Program. She is on the Board of Directors of the San Mateo County Service League and an avid supporter of the Hope House Program. In her spare time she enjoys trips to the ocean and the mountains, hiking and most of all spending time with family. Carol takes great pride in playing a integral part of the LBRE Support Services team.

Contact Information:
650-723-2261 (Ph.)  

Roberto Guerra

Lead Deliverer

Roberto has worked for Stanford Mailing Services for over ten years.Roberto likes working at Stanford University because it is such a special place. He enjoys the beautiful campus and the friendly people. One of Robert's favorite things about his job, is that he gets to travel all over the campus on his daily mail routes. Roberto also enjoys meeting the many interesting people on campus.

Contact Information:
650-723-2261 (Ph.)


David Eisenberg

Before David was hired at Stanford, he held the title of transportation manager at DHL, Aramark, Anheuser-Busch and Peapod. As an ID Mail and Delivery Carrier, David averages well over ten thousand steps a day on his routes. For fun, David and his wife both play in various bands all over the bay area.

Contact Information:
650-723-2261 (Ph.)


Vincent Toth

Vinny is a deliverer with ID Mail and Delivery Services. Vinny joined LBRE Mail and Delivery services in 2014. He enjoys the freedom and exercise of being able to walk and bike his daily routes. Vinny comes to LBRE with a background in PE and coaching.

Contact Information:
650-723-2261 (Ph.)