Buying Recycled Products

Welcome to the Stanford Recycling Center's web page on purchasing recycled products at Stanford. This page has information about why it is important to purchase recycled products, myths about recycled products, and easy ways to find recycled products.

Why Buy Recycled?

Buying Recycled...

  • Saves Natural Resources - By making products from recycled materials instead of virgin materials, we conserve land and reduce the need to drill for oil and dig for minerals.
  • Saves Energy - It usually takes less energy to make recycled products; recycled aluminum, for example, takes 95% less energy to make than new aluminum from bauxite ore.
  • Saves Clean Air and Water - In most cases, making products from recycled products creates less air pollution and water pollution than making products from virgin materials.
  • Saves Landfill Space - When the materials that you recycle go into new products, they don't go into landfills or incinerators, so landfill space is conserved.
  • Saves Money and Creates Jobs - The recycling process creates far more jobs than landfills or incinerators, and recycling can frequently be the least expensive waste management method for cities and towns.

Source: California Recycles Day

Myths About Recycled Products

  1. Recycled products are hard to find.
    This used to be true, but no longer. Stores now sell thousands of products made from or packaged in recycled content material and several recycled products are currently included in Stanford's SmartMart. Consumers can also encourage suppliers to offer recycled-content products simply by asking for them.
  2. Recycled products aren't as good as "virgin" products.
    This is simply not true. Recycled products have the same quality, reliability, and dependability. A recent survey of hundreds of corporate purchasing agents showed that 97% of respondents were pleased with the performance of recycled content products. These days recycled-content products undergo the same stringent testing and exacting performance documentation that virgin products are subjected to.
  3. Recycled products cost more.
    Simply put, recycled products are priced competitively with their non-recycled counterparts. Sometimes products manufactured with recycled products cost less. And yes, sometimes they cost more. But the same can be said for everything in the marketplace. Bottom line: Take time to investigate prices. Source: California Recycles Day

Finding Recycled Products


Stanford's SmartMart

Stanford's SmartMart includes several types of recycled-content products. In addition to recycled paper, you can purchase recycled Post-It note pads (on-line catalogue item number MMM653A or MMM656A for 1-7/8" notes or MMM654A for 3" notes), recycled scissors (ACM44218), recycled desk drawer organizers (MMMC71) and recycled-content storage boxes (FEL00724). You can include the term recycled when searching for products to identify items with recycled content.

Recycled-Content Products Database

The California Integrated Waste Management Board offers a comprehensive on-line directory of companies that sell recycled-content products ranging from paper, other office supplies, landscape and garden supplies and even construction materials at The directory lists several businesses that sell a given recycled-content product and contact information for each firm.

Companies that Sell Recycled Products

Here are a few companies that sell awards, clothing, household items, office products, plastic lumber products and promotional materials made from recycled materials. This list is provided for your information only; the Stanford Recycling Center does not endorse any of these businesses.


Amazing Recycling Products
    Amazing Recycled Products offers award clocks and plaques. Check out

Resource Revival
    Resource Revival sells awards, promotional products, and other unique items made from old bicycle parts. Check out

Rivanna Natural Designs
    Rivanna Natural Designs sells environmentally responsible plaques, awards, and gifts. Check out

Weisenbach Specialty Printing
    Weisenbach sells clocks, round glass awards, and other products. Call (800) 778-5420 or visit


Amazing Recycling Products
    Amazing Recycled Products offers T-shirts and shoes. Check out

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc.
    Clothes Made From Scrap sells 100% recycled content cotton clothing and accessories. Check out

Impressions Marketing
    Impressions Marketing sells gifts, meeting and promotional merchandise using recycled and recyclable materials. Check out

Patagonia/Beneficial T's
    Although Patagonia has discontinued the Beneficial T's clothing line, see this webpage for referrals to organic cotton t-shirts and tote bag suppliers that Patagonia has worked with in the past. Check out

Shasta Visions
    Shasta Visions sells earth jewelry made from recycled glass. Check out

T.S. Designs Inc.
    Provides apparel solutions through innovation and sustainability. GREEN LABEL ORGANIC™ is proud to introduce a few styles from their new 100% Organic Cotton, domestically made pre-print line, featuring REHANCE® print and dye technology from T.S. Designs, Inc. Check out

Household Items (tile, carpet and dinnerware)

Fire and Light
    Fire and Light sells dinnerware made from 85% recycled glass bottles. Call (800) 844-2223 for more information or check out

Green Glass
    Green Glass converts empty discarded bottles into elegant glassware. Check out

Interface Flooring
    Interface introduced the first carpet tile to be made with 100% recycled face fiber and a layer of 100% recycled vinyl in the backing. Today, Interface is setting the pace for development of modular carpet by using materials and processes that take less from the environment while delivering improved performance. Check out for more information.

Oceanside Glasstile Co
    Oceanside Glasstile sells Oceania tile, 85% recycled glass tile with a cobalt tin overlay. Visit for more information.

Resource Revival
    Resource Revival sells unique gifts and home furnishings made from old bicycle parts. Check out

Shaw Industries
    Shaw Industries sells carpet made out of 100% recycled PET bottles under the brand name Philadelphia Carpet. Call (800) 882-8846 or visit for more information.

Office Products

GreenLine Paper Company
    GreenLine sells a wide variety of environmentally friendly office products, including filing and presentation products, desk pads and calendars, pens and pencils, trash & recycling supplies, cleaning/maintenance products, office paper, tablets, pads and notes, and tissue and towel products. Check out

Plastic Lumber Products

Master Mark Industries
    Master Mark Industries a variety of lawn and garden products made out of recycled plastic, including landscape edging, lattice, lawn and garden accessories, decking, fencing and ponds. Check out

Plastic Lumber Company
    The Plastic Lumber Company makes signs, decking, picnic tables, park benches, waste receptacles, site furnishing and play structures from recycled plastic. As these durable earth friendly products never splinter, rot, crumble or need painting, they have many advantages over products made from wood, concrete and metal. Check out

RENEW Plastics
    RENEW Plastics is a leading manufacturer of recycled plastic products such as boards, sheets and finished items. Check out

Promotional Materials

Adapt Ad Specialty
    Adapt Ad Specialty offers mugs, pencils, bookmarks, rulers, pens, clipboards, calendars, paperweights, magnets, watches and more. Check out

Amazing Recycling Products
    Amazing Recycled Products offers mugs, pencils, bookmarks, rulers, pens, clipboards, calendars, paperweights, magnets, watches and more. Check out

Impressions Marketing
    Impressions Marketing sells gifts, meeting and promotional merchandise using recycled and recyclable materials. Check out

Rainbow Environmental Products
    Rainbow Environmental Products sells custom recycled pens, pencils, mugs, water bottles and other promotional products. Check out

Weisenbach Specialty Printing
    Weisenbach sells water bottles made from recycled plastic. Call (800) 778-5420 or visit