Event Recycling, Composting & Trash Services

Events can be challenging when it comes to waste reduction, but we are here to help reduce waste and recycle and compost more at your events planned on campus!

University Policy Regarding Events Recycling

Stanford University has established a event recycling policy that requires events serving beverages in bottles and cans (plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans) to order bottle and can recycling and/or composting bins and trash bins in equal numbers and place them next to each other. In addition, the event must make attendees aware of the recycling program through simple announcements or signs.  When recycling and/or compost bins and trash bins are located next to each other, more people will chose to recycle and/or compost. Events are also encouraged to recycle paper and cardboard. 

Ordering Recycling, Composting & Trash Cans for Events

  • All recycling, composting and trash bins are now delivered by PSSI. To order event recycling, composting, and trash cans on campus, submit a Customer Funded Work Request. If you have questions about the service, call (650) 321-4236 or email recycling@pssi.stanford.edu.
  • After you order the bins, you have to order garbage collection and cleaning service for outside and inside the building. If this is not prearranged or if the garbage is not removed before PSSI arrives to remove the bins, PSSI will charge a per bag rate to the existing work order.
  • Outside garbage pick-up and cleaning services are mainly provided by the Grounds Department. Please submit a Customer Funded Work Request for these services. Athletics, Housing, and the Hospital service their own areas. 
  • Inside garbage pick-up and cleaning services are provided by DTZ, our on-site janitorial partner for most Academic buildings on campus.  For Academic areas and buildings, please submit a Customer Funded Work Request for these services.  The following locations are not serviced by DTZ, and the requester will need to contact these departments directly to arrange janitorial service or grounds clean up:
    • Athletics, Student Housing, Alumni Center, Bookstore, Faculty Club, Montag Hall, Kingscote, Van Patten, Clark, Hillel, CCSC, Acorn CC, Mulberry CC, Arboretum CC, Dean of Chapel, Meyer Buck House, and SHC/LPCH.
  • If garbage collection is not prearranged with those responsible for inside or outside locations or if the garbage is not removed before PSSI arrives to remove the bins, PSSI will charge a per bag rate to the existing work order.
  • All other requests for Event Services must be submitted using the Event Services request form. Visit the Event Services webpage for more information.

Student Guide to Ordering Recycling, Compost, and Trash bins for Campus Events (pdf)

Zero Waste Events

A key resource for the campus community is A Practice Guide for Sustainable Campus Events: Greening Events at Stanford (pdf).  How do you go Zero Waste?  Start with planning.  Make sure all consumables, including serviceware, decorations, and give aways are either recyclable, compostable, or reusable (with a clear way to collect the unused reusables). Make sure to involve vendors or exhibitors.  Then order the appropriate sets of recycling and/or compost and/or trash bins.  Let your attendees know what your goals are and what you would like them to do via your website, emails, in programs, signs on tables, or simple announcements, i.e. "don't forget to recycle and/or compost once you are done with your meal".  Arrange for staff or volunteers to monitor the bins and educate guests.  At the end, evaluate how things went and plan for next time.  See the Five Simple Tips to Reduce Waste at Your Event link below as well as the other helpful links.

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